We present the concept of a digital billboard of the future: without connectors, solar energy, autonomous service drones

The time has come to make digital outdoor advertising more relevant, more reliable, cheaper in terms of energy supply and maintenance. Ledder has created an innovative technology that solves all the current problems of digital billboards at once.

We create billboards will feature thin, module-based video surfaces with a wireless interface. Video surface is the most important and expensive part of a digital billboard that accounts for 80% of its cost. By implementing new technologies, we'll be able to reduce the production costs of a digital screen.

Ledder will focus on building new-generation video modules optimized for automated mass production
and big digital networks. We'll build thin, light, and tightly sealed modules with no connectors. The modules will be operated wirelessly. Also, Ledder will develop modules with solar batteries embedded into the video surface and high-definition modules based on thin-film LEDs.

This will allow to:

  • Reduce the production costs of video surfaces down to the threshold cost. This way, in 80% of cases, digital billboards will be cheaper to produce than their traditional counterparts;
  • Optimize the LED module technology for automated mass production and maintenance by autonomous drones;
  • Availability of solar-powered digital screens.

How do smart LED modules work?

Smart LED modules that will be using the existing production technologies, such as standard LEDs and printed boards. Unlike competitive solutions, our modules will feature a wireless interface, magnet connections, built-in video controller, and hybrid transmitter receivers.

Data will be transmitted via 4 wireless transmission channels (optical + microwave). Video stream will be transmitted to video controller via a 20 GHz microwave channel. Transaction protocol allows to avoid errors during data transmission. Self-diagnostics and protection systems control video stream quality, monitor LED operation, and switch off LEDs in case of overheating.

What are the benefits of smart modules?

  • Built-in video controllers
  • Transaction data transmission
  • Built-in self-diagnostics and protection system
  • No connectors.

We have combined together all the development information on the Ledder official website. There you will find out in detail what the future of digital outdoor advertising looks like.


With the emission of each of the next million tokens the price increases by 2%

  • Token: ULED
  • Type: ERC20
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Token Type: Utility
  • Soft Cap: $ 200k
  • Hard Cap: $ 406k
  • Minimum investment: $10000
  • Threshold for receiving AirDrops: $50000
  • Total tokens: 45.000.000
  • Start price: $ 0.01
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Utility token which at the stage of STO can be converted into shares.

  • Token: SLED
  • Type: ERC20
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Token Type: Security
  • Hard Cap: $200k
  • Minimum investment: $10000
  • Threshold for receiving AirDrops: $50000
  • Total tokens: 5000
  • Price: $40
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