Ledder will allow partners to create their own virtual cryptocurrencies secured with fiat money.

Ledder billing crypto platform allows advertisers to pay for digital outdoor advertising in any national currency.

Ledder will release personal tokens. How will they be used?

Our digital billboards display ads 24/7. The only way to pay for an ad placement is with ULD tokens. Commission fees within the network will be only charged in ULD. ULD tokens will be also used for ad campaigns and cross-border transactions. Stable tokens issued by the franchisees will be exchanged for ULD at the current rate. Availability of exchange transactions will be ensured through market maker robots.

In the context of global ad campaigns, using ULD will make cross-border transactions easier, eliminating the need to convert national currencies to dollars. Cryptocurrencies will streamline the financial infrastructure, distributing financial costs among the network nodes.

The Ledder franchisees are the companies involved in converting fiat money to their stable cryptocurrencies and ULD tokens. The franchisees can be established as independent organizations or based off major advertising operators that manage big amounts of cryptocurrencies. There will be several franchisees operating in each country.

The franchisee network will solve the issue of accepting and making fiat payments by companies and individuals according to the applicable tax legislation. At the same time, the right to convert a stable cryptocurrency to fiat or ULD will only belong to the issuing franchisee of that cryptocurrency. In the Ledder network, the franchisees’ function will be to maintain the convertibility of ULD tokens. The Ledder Network will focus on converting crypto to fiat with minimum investments.

Also, transactions with ULD cryptocurrencies will be available via common crypto exchanges or the existing payment systems. Users will be able to buy or sell crypto using a variety of payments systems, bank cards or cash.

The Ledder Network platform will use ULD as the main currency for making transactions between market players and paying commissions. Along with ULD, the platform will have a mechanism for creating stable cryptocurrencies tied to fiat currencies.

Each Ledder franchisee will be able to create its cryptocurrency which will be 100 % secured its national currency. Stable cryptocurrencies will be used for making transactions between the franchisee and local market players, depositing and withdrawing fiat money. Each stable coin will be secured with a deposit on the franchisee’s accounts. The franchisee will have to regularly confirm the availability of a certain amount of money on its accounts. Only the issuing franchisee will have the right to exchange its stable cryptocurrencies for fiat money. Payments between the franchisee and market players will be made in the national currency.

Transactions between market players can be made either in ULD, or fiat money via the franchisee, if crypto transactions are not provided under the applicable legislation. The franchisee acts as an intermediary between the cryptoplatform and market players. The franchisee handles all the challenges of making fiat transactions between market players and provides market players with contracts and financial documents tailored to the local laws.

For the taxation purposes, reported transactions will come in 2 types:

  • ad display purchase;
  • exchange transactions.
  • The franchisee may apply VAT to transactions involving purchase of services. The exchange transactions can be regulated either by laws applied to fiat exchange trading, or by special crypto legislation. This approach will ensure compliance with the legislations across different countries. Users will be able to download data from the blockchain and create a list of transactions in the national currency for a tax report. In taxation, blockchain will act as a transaction register.

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With the emission of each of the next million tokens the price increases by 2%

  • Token: ULED
  • Type: ERC20
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Token Type: Utility
  • Soft Cap: $ 200k
  • Hard Cap: $ 406k
  • Minimum investment: $10000
  • Threshold for receiving AirDrops: $50000
  • Total tokens: 45.000.000
  • Start price: $ 0.01
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Utility token which at the stage of STO can be converted into shares.

  • Token: SLED
  • Type: ERC20
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Token Type: Security
  • Hard Cap: $200k
  • Minimum investment: $10000
  • Threshold for receiving AirDrops: $50000
  • Total tokens: 5000
  • Price: $40
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