At PreSTO Ledder will emit 5000 SLED tokens that can be converted into shares of Ledder Limited

What will increase the capitalization of Ledder? We have collected numbers for investors who will provide an understanding of the project’s prospects.

The order of the Ledder STO will be described further in steps. At the first stage, we'll issue standard ERC20 SLED coins. We'll use these tokens to raise funds for developing the DigitalBlade and NeuroEye technologies.

We will mark the types of tokens immediately. SLED (ERC20 Ethereum) is an internal cryptocurrency that will be used before the project launch and converted into ULD after the platform launch. 5,000 SLED will be emitted at Pre-Seed stage. SLD (ERC20 Ethereum) Ledder shareholders will be able to exchange SLED for Ledder Limited shares. SLD will be exchanged for Ledder Limited shares 1 to 1. 100,000 SLD tokens will equal 100,000 shares of Ledder Limited.

After launching the platform, the securities SLED tokens are converted to SLD security tokens. SLD tokens can be converted into shares of Ledder Limited. Legal documents for SLD tokens will be optimized for the requirements of venture capital funds and SEC. SLD tokens will be traded on crypto exchanges and will have additional means of protecting investors. Token holders can also exchange SLD for shares. In this case, SLD are also sent to a special address and burnt. Conversion stages: 5,000 SLED => 5,000 SLD => 5,000 shares (5%).

Because SLD are digital assets and not shares, converting tokens into shares will only be availble to the Ledder Limited shareholders owning at least 1% of the shares. The thing is, organizations that are most likely to buy startup shares are venture funds and high-profile corporations. Startups have high requirements to business reputation of potential shareholders and watch carefully to avoid any conflict of interests.

As Ledder Limited grows, up to 50% of its shares will be distributed among third-party investors. Any investor will be able to exchange SLED for Ledder Limited shares.

What are the stages of development of Ledder and the order of Ledder Limited capitalization increase?

Investment Rounds

Round Technology * Patents * Raised Share Capitalization Growth
PreSTO NeuroEye 50/100 $ 200k $ 40 $ 4 million
STO-R1 DigitalBlade 75/150 $ 600k $ 120 $ 12 million 3 X
STO-R2 DistributedProduction 125/300 $ 1.8 million $ 360 $ 36 million 9 X
STO-R3 SolarPixel 150/400 $ 5.4 million $ 1080 $ 108 million 27 X
STO-R4 SlimModule 175/500 $ 16.42 million $ 3240 $ 324 million 81 X
STO-R5 PHOLED 200/600 $ 48.6 million $ 9600 $ 960 million 243 X

Technology* - the target technology of the round that will be introduced to the market

Patents* - patents and applications for inventions (unique/total). Aim to patent 200 unique inventions, taking into account patents obtained in different countries, there will be 600 of them. The cost of such a patent base will be $ 100 ~ 200 million. There are already 26 patents that are 13% of the target.

Summing up, we made a clear plan for Ledder to achieve profitability. If you are interested in the prospects of investing, you can find detailed info in our Whitepaper.


With the emission of each of the next million tokens the price increases by 2%

  • Token: ULED
  • Type: ERC20
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Token Type: Utility
  • Soft Cap: $ 200k
  • Hard Cap: $ 406k
  • Minimum investment: $10000
  • Threshold for receiving AirDrops: $50000
  • Total tokens: 45.000.000
  • Start price: $ 0.01
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Utility token which at the stage of STO can be converted into shares.

  • Token: SLED
  • Type: ERC20
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Token Type: Security
  • Hard Cap: $200k
  • Minimum investment: $10000
  • Threshold for receiving AirDrops: $50000
  • Total tokens: 5000
  • Price: $40
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