Ledder ready to replace outdated LED screens on the entire planet with their own latest development

Ledder offers screens that are 100 times thinner and 10 times lighter than the existing developments from Samsung and LG. So, digital billboards based on this technology can be placed literally everywhere.

In the industry, there are a few dozen high-profile companies that specialize in manufacturing LED billboards. Those are professional companies with huge annual revenues. The rest of the market is owned by several hundreds of smaller companies that manufacture LED screens from semi-finished products. Since many of those companies focus on their local markets, the industry lacks a global produced by different manufacturers incompatible.

This situation creates a number of difficulties in the process of building a unified, convenient and accessible global platform of digital advertising.

Who are the main players of the LED market?

  • Daktronics ($600 mln. turnover) Leader of the LED screen industry in the US.
  • Samsung Samsung subsidiary for manufacturing LED screens.
  • LG LG subsidiary for manufacturing LED screens.
  • Yesco ($50 mln. turnover) Samsung affiliate company.
  • Absen ($30 mln. turnover). Big-name Chinese company.
  • Their triumph over the civilized world must be defeated. And we, Ledder, will explain why. Right now.

The problem shared by all LED screen manufacturers is the lack of innovations. The first patents for LED displays were registered back in the 80s. The technology, which is now used in all LED screens (although with minor improvements), was invented in the late 90s.

And it was stopped in the late 90s.

What can be offered in return?

Nowadays, state-of-the-art electronic components, multi-core processors with graphic accelerators, cutting-edge thin-film LEDs, and wireless technologies allow us to build advanced systems up to 10 times cheaper.

So why are we sticking with obsolete technologies that date back to the 90s?

The reason is money. The global display market totals to $160 bln, with the LED screen market only accounting for 2%. Big companies are not interested in investing into LED R&D and continue producing traditional displays for smartphones and TVs.

Why are Ledder screens better than current Samsung or LG developments?

  • Digital Blade billboards are 10 times lighter than competitive products, which allows to install them on traditional billboards without replacing a stand, or fasten them to building walls without a frame. Installation doesn’t require sophisticated calculations.
  • Two-side Digital Blade billboards are 100 times thinner than traditional LED screens. A two-side Digital Blade billboard is only 10 mm deep. Compare that with 1-meter deep traditional screens.
  • Digital Blade billboards have no communication cables. Data are transmitted via microwave radiation using wave guides inside the screen.
  • Digital Blade billboards have no power feed cables. Electric power goes through aluminum bus lines and thin aluminum sheets inside the screen.
  • Digital Blade billboards can be hung like a banner between two poles, which reduces the cost of the supporting structure by 5 times.
  • Since a Digital Blade billboard has no wires or connectors, its modules can be easily replaced using drones.
Samsung LG Absen Ledder
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(without frame)
(with frame)
40 (kg/m2)
80-120 (kg/m2)
20 (kg/m2)
40-120 (kg/m2)
33 (kg/m2)
70-120 (kg/m2)
2 (kg/m2)
4 (kg/m2)
(without frame)
(with frame)
142 mm
250-1200 mm
217 mm
350-1000 mm
106 mm
200-1000 mm
5 mm
10 mm
Pixel pitch 6mm 10mm 10mm 3mm
Power consumption 1000/350 910/300 300/100 400/125
Brightness 6300 nit 6000 nit 8000 nit 6000 nit
Color bits 42 bit 48 bit 48 bit 48 bit

Ledder Digital Blade billboards can be installed anywhere. They can work pefectly well even on a traditional billboard in locations with no communications or electricity.

Our technologies allow to switch 80% of traditional billboards to the digital format. We’re talking about 800,000 locations that are still using traditional billboards.

Summarizing, we note some other facts about our technology.

Protected by 26 patents, the Digital Blade technology features unrivaled characteristics. The 2-side screen is 10 mm thick and weights 2.5 kg per 1 sq. meter. This means that the Digital Blade billboard is 10 times thinner and ligher than its competitors. The square area of a video surface can reach 5,000 sq. meters. Pixel pitch is 1 mm. This allows to install Digital Blade billboards literally anywhere. A billboard can be fastened to or hung on the building wall, used as a cross street banner, or installed instead of posters on traditional billboards. 95% of digital billboards produced by our competitors are too heavy to be installed on the existing billboards.

What are the plans and prospects of the Ledder platform?

Ledder will only compete with platforms that share the same goal as Ledder, i.e. bringing market players together. As for the rest of market players, Ledder will cooperate with them. We’ll partner with digital billboard manufacturers to produce billboards using the Ledder Digital Blade technology. Advertising companies will be able to benefit from the Digital Blade billboards and Ledder Network. Major advertising platforms will be using the Ledder Network to place their clients' ads.

Today you can join the project. We need the help of all interested people to transform the world of outdoor digital advertising together. We are waiting for you!


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