Ledder. Innovative global network of outdoor advertising. Anywhere in the world, for everyone.

It's time to make the digital outdoor advertising niche great again. Ledder offers a solution that will unite billboard holders and interested advertisers into a single network around the world, without restrictions.

More than 50% of the global outdoor advertising market accounts for small local companies. For example, an average company in the USA has 11 employees and annual turnover of $3.5 mln. In the USA, there are 2,190 companies operating in the OOH advertising industry. Plus, almost 2/3 of the income of big advertising companies comes from local advertisers.

While it’s a problem for other companies, Ledder views it as a great opportunity. Ledder is building an open platform for local and global advertisers to compete for customers willing to place an ad. Our technology allows to connect individual digital billboards directly to the global network. While 70% of turnover will account for local advertisers, the remaining 30% will come from big national and international companies.

As a result, small companies will be able to increase their net profits by 20-30%. By converting traditional advertising spaces into the digital format at minimum cost, small companies will boost its profitability by 5 times.

What types and formats of outdoor advertising are available today?

Nowadays, advertising billboards are the most popular outdoor advertising carriers generating 70% of the total outdoor advertising turnover. Currently, digital carriers only account for 10% of all outdoor advertising carriers, bringing in 40% of the total revenue.

Outdoor advertising carriers come in several types:

  • Billboards are the most popular carriers that include traditional and digital billboards.
  • Street furniture includes ads displayed on benches, bus stops, trash cans, schedules, stands, etc.
  • Transit advertising includes ads displayed on buses and trains, at airports, etc.
  • Alternative advertising includes ads displayed on the walls and pavement, flying ads, etc.

OOH advertising mostly uses billboards of medium size (10-20 sq. meters). Such carriers ensure the best cost-coverage ratio. While medium billboards are mostly used in busy city areas, large billboards can be seen on the highways and buildings facades. Small billboards (less than 10 sq. meters) are installed at public transport stops, in metro, and in shopping malls.

Digital billboards account for 40% of the gross revenue generated by advertising billboards. A decade ago, that number was only 4%. According to PwC, in 2017 digital advertising generated $16 bln. in profits in the USA alone. According to Zenith advertising agency, digital OOH advertising will be growing faster than any other advertising medium. PwC predicts that in 2020 digital OOH advertising will generate more revenue than traditional advertising carriers.

Digital outdoor billboards can display different advertising content. A digital billboard is up to 10 times more profitable than its traditional counterparts. Also, digital carriers ensure an effective sales price which is 6 to 8 times higher compared to traditional billboards.

Digital advertising is a flexible tool with a huge unlocked potential. Nowadays, marketing specialists can change the displayed ads based on the demographics and time of day. With the power of neural networks, advertising systems will grow even more effective.

If you are interested in new opportunities for investment, you need learn more about our project at the site. In the future, we intend to create with you not just a super-profitable project, but a real event that will change the world.

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